Patient care

Outpatient Care:

  • Call Center and functions
  • Appointments to Reception
  • Patient Relations Management
  • Diagnostics and Lab, Patient Records
  • Follow Up

Inpatient Care

  • Admissions
  • Patient Room, environ
  • Small touch, big difference, behaviour management
  • Discharge
  • Grievance Management

PR and Marketing

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Responsibility

At the end of this course, students will learn about the patient management and flow throughout the healthcare facility from the need of healthcare to safe return home. What measures create efficiency, cost reduction, improvement of healthcare, elimination of unnecessary procedures, increase patient outcome and satisfaction. What can be done to make life easier for the patients and have a positive impression about their experience. How to deal with crisis situations, how to manage grievance. How is a hospital marketed through all available tools. How to best use them and avoid wrong marketing.

Modul susținut de:

Dr. Omer Karahan

Dr. Ömer Karahan este primul medic care a urmat o carieră în healthcare management, începând cu deschiderea primului spital modern …

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